Club Penguin Star Wars Rebel Party Sneak Peek

Club Penguin Team recently posted a Sneek Peek of their upcoming Star Wards Rebel Party. The party will start on January 22.

Well, This room was in the last Star Wars Party. Again, Club penguin is copying content from previous parties rather than making new content. Well its just a Sneek peek and maybe Club Penguin has lots more in the store. 😉
May the force be with you!
– Phantasam


Unlock Item: The Present Costume

Recently Club Penguin released an unlockable code for everyone. Its The Present Costume. To unlock the code, Just head towards the redeem page, Click ‘I’ve got a code’ and type the code i.e. “DIAMORSA”. Here is how it looks like when you wear it on the island:
Pretty Cool huh? Drop a comment and share your thoughts about the costume!
Happy Holidays,
– Phantasam

We wish you a Merry Walrus! Now available on iTunes

Club Penguin recently released their first holiday themed show known as We wish you a Merry Walrus! on iTunes for those who can’t watch it on television. Its is available in both HD for $2.99 and in SD for $1.99.
To download a copy just head towards iTunes and click buy. A BIG BIG thanks to Trainman1405 for the information so be sure to visit his blog!
Happy Holidays, See you soon!
– Phantasam

Club Penguin App for Android Released

Club Penguin updated last night and released App for android.
To download the app just head toward the Google Play Store and hit that green ‘Install’ button. But to install the app make sure you have Android 4.0.3 and up.
Download and enjoy the app. Be sure to drop a comment to share your thoughts about the app!
– Phantasam

Club Penguin Times Issue#476

The Crabs be Gone!
Bon voyage crustaceans! By Captain Rockhopper — Har har! The plan to be rid of the pirate crabs be workin! Just like Yarr be sayin’! I mean, just like I be sayin’! Arr, it certainly be me plan! This be the end of an adventure, and the start of me next!
The crab pirates be sailin’ after a treasure that isn’t even there. I be wishin’ I could see their eyes when they get to that X we put in the middle of the ocean. Har har! And ye be provin’ that the pirates of Club Penguin be the toughest sea dogs thar be! If it wasn’t fer yer swashbucklin’, we never could of sent the crabs packin’. Now, it be time for another adventure. I not be Captain Rockhopper if I don’t have me ship! I be settin’ off for Rockhopper Island to gather parts for me new Migrator. It be a long row, but Yarr be keepin’ me company. Maybe it be time for a new sea shanty!
Wild Puffles Discovered in Club Penguin!
By PH — Wowza! The Wilds were even more… well… wild than I expected! Now we got all kinds of puffle creatures exploring our island. Turns out, they were just as curious about us as we were about them. Especially the blue raccoon puffles, they can’t wait to explore! Glitterpants here couldn’t be happier to meet penguins. He’s been looking for more friends for ages. Actually, he might’ve said he’s been looking for “a bigger audience.” I’m still learning how to understand these wild puffles. If any of you have more info on the wild puffles, give me a shout. I wanna learn as much as I can!
Upcoming Events
>>Dec. 11 Furniture and Igloo Catalog Show your spirit with an Ice Cube Wreath or a Poinsettia.
>>Dec. 31 New Year’s Eve Start prepping your parties and resolutions!
>>Dec. 18: Merry Walrus Party—start new traditions for the holidays.
>>Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until December 10.
>>Next pin hidden: December 11—23
Ask Rookie
Do you sled, bro? –Hugh G. Sledder
Oh man, I love to sled. The Ski Hill is really fun to race down with friends. I even tried to do tours from a sled before! I pointed out every landmark on the island in one Express run. I think that’s still a record! But I haven’t tried out the Tallest Mountain sledding. That sounds pretty scary. I heard there are sabre-toothed fluffies up there. YIKES! Maybe I should keep practicing on the Ski Hill. Do you guys have any tips for making a safe trip down a sled run?
This week’s comic:
Secret Underground Entrances
By Aunt Arctic – If you want to learn about the secrets of Club Penguin, you could start in the Underground. The tunnels under the surface connect across the whole island, and no one knows them all. If you want to explore down there, look for entrances in the Dance Club, the Plaza, and the Forest. Maybe someday we’ll find out even more about the Underground and where its tunnels lead.
Share your thoughts about this week’s newspaper in the comments!
– Phantasam

Merry Walrus Party Parade has started!

Hey Everyone! The Merry Walrus party parade has started! Just head over to the ski village to participate in the parade!
Waddle to the Big Welcome sign and you will be on the float!
😮 Crystal Puffles! Be sure to drop a comment to share your thoughts about the parade!
– Phantasam

Penguin Style December 2014

Hey everyone! As you know its December 2014. Club Penguin has released their last Penguin Style for December 2014. This months catalog is Holiday Party themed. Lets take a look at its cover.
From December 18 to January 1, all purchases from this catalog will go towards Coins for Change! Save up and give BIG!
Now lets take a look at the items.
What are your thoughts on this months Penguin Style? Are you looking forward to Holiday Party? Be sure to drop a comment!
– Phantasam

Puffle Wild iOS app released Worldwide!

After a successful launch in New Zealand and Australia, Club Penguin has released Puffle Wild worldwide on iOS. The app is great and free. But only members have access to all the levels.
To download this app, you should own an iOS device with iOS 6 and above. Just head to the appstore and download the app.
This app is for both iPad and iPhone. Club Penguin will release the Android version of Puffle wild next year. Enjoy the app and share your experience in comments!
– Phantasam

Merry Walrus Party – Parade Mini-Event

Yesterday, Club Penguin shared a video showing the making of our upcoming Holiday special, We Wish You a Merry Walrus.
To celebrate their first ever Club Penguin TV show and official Holiday – coming with this week’s updates to CP on your computer, will be a Merry Walrus Parade mini-event!

You’ll be able to access the parade from the Village and tour to different stops around the island. Exciting right!? I’ve always wanted to be in a parade 😀

You’re also invited to join Club Penguin for an online celebration! Club Penguin be posting the meetup time soon, so stay tuned for more info.
– Phantasam

What’s Coming to Club Penguin in December 2014?

Hello Readers! Polo Field recently posted on Club Penguin Blog. He says that the team is working very hard on EPIC stuff, And December 2014 is going to be a HUGE month in the Club Penguin History. (Sounds Cool)

Here’s what’s coming:

1. Merry Walrus and Coins For Change!
To celebrate all kinds of traditions around the world, there’s a brand new Club Penguin holiday this year. It’s the first annual Merry Walrus Party and everyone will get an exclusive first-edition hat! Of course, Coins For Change will be part of this historic event, so save those coins…

2. Club Penguin on Android™ Devices (Finally)
You heard it here first—the Club Penguin app will arrive on the Google Play Storeâ„¢ Dec. 18, with the Merry Walrus Party and Coins For Change. That’s right—parties will be available on Android, too. Nice, hey?

3. Puffle Wild on iPad and iPhone!
The wait is over… Puffle Wild will be available on iPad and iPhone devices around the world on Dec. 4. Thanks to everyone who helped us geo-beta test the app in Australia and New Zealand! We’ll also be releasing a crazy music video next week. Be prepared to meet Glitterpants! 😀

4. New TV Holiday Special Coming Soon (ooooooooo)
This one is HUGE: we’ve collaborated with Disney Interactive Labs to bring the Club Penguin story to TV for the first time… with a new holiday-themed special! The show will premiere on Disney Channel later this month. Of course, we’ll be posting some sneak peeks, air times, and an exclusive “making of” video right here on the blog. Stay tuned for more!

What are you most excited about? Let us know by leaving a comment below!
– Phantasam