Club Penguin Updates!

Hello Penguin! Every Thursday Club Penguin Updates the Island with the Latest Stuff! 😀 This weeks updates include New Muppets World Tour Screen, New Postcards, New Pin and A New Elite Penguin Force Command Room!
#1 Muppets World Tour Screen:
As you know that the Muppets World is Coming this month, Club Penguin is advertising the Muppets World Tour on their website. Here is a Screenshot:
#2 New Postcards:
Club Penguin has released some New Postcards and Removed the Old Ones. The Postcards are Your Biggest Fan, Wanna Join My Band, You’re Funny, and Actors Needed:
#3 EPF Construction Completed:
EPF Command Room’s Contruction is Completed after a Very long time! Its Really Looks awesome and Is Better than before. You should really check it out!
#4 New Penguin Style:
There is a New Muppets Themed Penguin Style. It also includes some of the Non-Muppets Related Outfits! Items are really cool You should really Buy them.
Penguin Style
#5 New Pin
Every Thursday A New Pin is Released on the Island. I don’t want to Spoil anything because I hate Spoiling So I will only post a Little Image of the Pin and You have to Find The Pin Yourself. Hint: The Name of the Pin is Lion Statue Pin.
So What do you think of these Updates? Which One did you liked the Most? My Favorite was the New EPF Commend Room!
– Phantasam


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  1. The Pictures are So Blurred. I have to fix it!

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